NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 Launch Delayed, To Debut March 22


Voiced to release at the upcoming PAX East 2011 Gamer Festival, March 11 – 13, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 registers a delay. Consumers eyed the strong and powerful dual-GPU solution to be released a bit earlier after the Radeon HD 6990 made its official debut.

According to latest reports, the Nvidia‘s card has been delayed and would now officially launch on March 22. Moreover, the card is tagged on being built using dual GF110 cores, installed together on single circuit board while being boosted to work in SLI. The brand new card uses the same cores used for the GTX 570 and GTX 580.


The design shades in that it could pack as much as 1024 stream processors, 128 texturing units, 96 ROPs and 384-bit memory interfaces. Even though the details might confuse many, designers looking to deliver the best would be more than delighted to mark its early launch.

No details are available on the clock speeds of the GTX 590 at the time but with the company finalizing the I/O bracket on the board, the card will be no less than three dual-link DVI ports as well as a mini-DisplayPort video output.

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  • Somehow, I was expecting team green to bring a real showstopper with the GTX590 (like they usually do), considering the extra time they took bringing it into the fray. Judging by how close many of the races were, and the give/take in performance crown for the varied testing games, it really is just a toss-up. As hard as both AMD and nVidia have been trying, there’s just no hands-down winner in this current generation of GPUs. Guess I’m just not used to there being no clear-cut “victor” in these graphics battles.