UrbanSpoon Application for Android


urbanHave you ever been unable to decide which restaurant to eat from? Particularly when a group of people gather, say you and your friends, some people suggest one place while the others suggest another restaurant. This situation can transform itself into a dead end and end up wasting a lot of your time. What you need is an external source to come up with a good suggestion for a nearby restaurant.

For the iPhone, such an application has been around for quite some time and it is called Urbanspoon. Users enter their location into the application, start the suggestion process, and randomly a nearby restaurant is shown on the iPhone.

As most cellphone users already know that Android is quickly becoming a major player in the mobile operating system wars. Many iPhone applications have undergone a porting process in which their equivalent versions are made for Android phones. Urbanspoon is no different because now there is an Urbanspoon application for Android.

While the function of Urbanspoon is enough for it to be highly useful for cellphone users, the interface has been paid special attention. Urbanspoon operates like a slot machine and presents suggestions after you shake your phone.


The suggestions are based on price, location, and culinary style; each suggestion comes with a complete address, phone number, and rating (ratings scores are the average of scores entered by Urbanspoon users). If further information is required about a particular restaurant suggestion, a user can access the READ REVIEWS button and read the corresponding restaurant review.

Users can also use the search bar at the top to search for a particular restaurant. Search can be done in any one of two ways: either use the traditional keywords’ search, or use the voice-search feature.

This application brings great convenience to Android phone users and signifies that diverse applications are no longer just the iPhone’s territory.



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