Will a New MacBook Pro Line Up be Revealed Tomorrow?



With the opening of the Macworld Expo quickly approaching, rumors of a new MacBook Pro line up have at least a little bit more credibility. Or maybe we are just sick of talking about the iPad.

9to5Mac.com reports, “This is yet another leak coming at us out of France, and while we’re not utterly convinced at the source we do note revelation last weekend of an all-new MacBook Pro configuration making an appearance on GeekBench.”

This is of course all still speculation at this point, with the only real source being “an anonymous source who works at Apple”, claims French website Nowhere Else. However, the real reason that this rumor holds any weight at all is the GeekBench report floating around showing a MacBook Pro with a Core i7 M 620 clocked at 2.66GHz. The report shows the system running an unreleased version of Mac OS 10.6.2 (Build 10C3067). Below is the full report from GeekBench.


Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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