Is Popular Gaming App Steam Coming to Mac OS X?


Steam, a popular outlet and application focused on distributing some of the most popular PC games online, is reportedly preparing to release a version of the gaming platform for Mac OS X, reports Macnn. The proof of this comes from discoveries within a beta release of a new interface for the application on Windows. Its widely known and somewhat accepted by Mac users that Apple has not made much of an effort to increase the opportunities for a high quality desktop gaming experience. However, if these rumors of Valve creating a version of their popular Steam platform for Mac OS X are true, this will definitely be a big breakthrough for Mac gamers.

Evidence of the Mac port of Steam comes from a set of 10 images found in the Beta release of the new Windows interface(Pictured below). Macnn reports:

“Buried within the Steam/Graphics folder, however, are images for 10 Mac-specific buttons. Within Steam/Resource/Menus, there is also a new “” file.”

Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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