Subscription Based Associated Press iPad App Announced


The Associated Press officially announced that they would be offering an iPad app with a paid subscription for their services, reports 9to5mac. While the AP’s services are available completely free as of right now online through their various feeds, we imagine the app will offering incentives for the average user to spend whatever the subscription costs will be. Its also important to keep in mind that there is already a free AP app available in the App Store that offers push notifications and will presumably work on the iPad. This not all that surprising as so many publishers start to discuss their plans for paid subscription models to coincide with the launch of the upcoming iPad. This will officially be the first major move for the Associated Press’s AP Gateway division. The announcement reported:

“AP Gateway will serve as the launching pad for new products and services from AP and other interested news publishers,” Tom Curley, president and CEO of The Associated Press, said today at the annual meeting of the Colorado Press Association. “It will allow the news industry to deliver the news directly to the consumer in a variety of exciting new ways.”

Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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