Excellent App To Manage Your Tasks on Windows Mobile


Today’s cellphones allow us to use them in a multitude of ways. In addition to sending and receiving phone-calls and text messages, I use my phone to get the news, get the weather forecast, play games, listen to songs, watch videos, get directions, and set my morning alarm. I am sure that most of you too who have purchased a modern cellphone use it for more than just placing calls.

One feature these phones have served is task management. We once we used to carry personal diaries and phonebooks; but now we simply note it everything down inside our phones. To manage our tasks, we have countless options since develops have created countless such applications. If you are a Windows Mobile user however, one of the best task management options you can go with is ArkSwitch.

According to ArkSwitch’s developer: “There are many task managers floating around out there, with lots of neat features and great UIs. I’ve been looking for a good replacement for the HTC Task Manager home screen button that no longer works properly in Windows Mobile 6.5.3, and I’ve been unable to find one I really like. So I made my own!”

ArkSwitch was designed specifically for WM6.5.3. Although it has been reported to work on WM6.5 in the WM6.5 compatibility mode, the top bar integration feature will be absent. To use ArkSwitch, simply click the left half of the top bar. The right half still has the normal WM6.5.x icon enlargement functionality. ArkSwitch can be opened from any screen that has the top bar visible. You can click the text or the icon of the app to bring it to the foreground, or click the red “X” to close it.

Some of ArkSwitch’s prominent features include a finger-friendly interface, theming, closing all open tasks, and adding exclusions for selected applications.

If you are looking for a new task management application for your Windows Mobile or a better solution than you are currently using, ArkSwitch is a great option to go with.



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