iPad App Developers Get Money from Y Combinator


If you are currently an iPhone app developer or just a developer aspiring to develop apps for the quickly approaching iPad, you may want to take a look at tech start up investment firm Y Combinator’s latest RFS (Request For Startups). The company has become known for investing in start up tech companies both for a piece of the profits and, as TUAW puts it, “inspire innovation”. The recent RFS from Y Combinator shows the firm has a ton of interest in the upcoming iPad and is currently looking to invest in start up iPad development companies. However, the company is showing much more interest in the device and its potential to capture the mobile computing market than many others saying, “the iPad is meant to be a Windows killer. Or more precisely, a Windows transcender.”

Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn is a full-time freelance writer that covers breaking Apple news and writes about all things Mac OS X, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad exclusively for BlogsDNA.com. Follow him @ twitter.com/jordankahn Email: Jordan@Blogsdna.com View author profile

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