Add an Extra Layer of Privacy to Your Mac with Tiptoe 1.0


Have you ever used the private browsing feature found in Safari and most other browsers these days? If not, allow us to explain. The feature essentially allows you to use the core features of the browser without recording any of your actions. So, in the case of your browser, you can browse and do pretty much everything else you would normally do, however the browser won’t record any of your data, i.e. your browsing history, or any new cache. This is a feature that app Tiptoe 1.0 will give you access to for many of the most popular Mac applications. Currently the apps costs $20 and features 15 Mac compatible Mac OS X apps, although there are plans to include more apps in future updates. Below is a list of the supported applications and an example of the features Tiptoe will allow you to access for them:


Tiptoe’s Open with Privacy brings “Private Browsing” to Camino. Tiptoe also gives you more choice about what you remove when you want to reset.


Tiptoe gives you extra control over the Cyberduck Transfers list, history, session and cache.


Tiptoe provides extra choices when reseting.


Control over recent items (both Chats and Saved Chats), file transfer window and cache.


Tiptoe gives you control over Keynote’s recent items and cache.


Here you are provided with privacy for recent items and cache.


Tiptoe’s Open with Privacy brings “Private Browsing” to OmniWeb. Tiptoe also gives you more choice and quick access to reseting.


Tiptoe’s Open with Privacy brings “Private Browsing” to Opera 10 (and ahead of 10.5!).


In this iWork application you have control over recent items and cache.


Possibly one of the most used applications on OS X. Tiptoe gives you control over recent items and cache (and tailored to observe the differences under the surface between Leopard and Snow Leopard).

QuickTime Player

For QuickTime Player X and earlier – Tiptoe gives you control over both recent items and the cache.


Miss being able to remove search items from the Google resent search menu? Tiptoe adds this feature back to Safari (along with the other features you are used to).


Terminal stores the history of every command you enter (use up and down arrows to access the history). Tiptoe gives you control over your Terminal history.


Get control over those recent documents.


Forget about recent media files when using VLC (or completely forget them).

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