LG Introduced Their Latest Phone "Cookie" In Korea


This year at the Mobile World Congress we witnessed great events revolving around cellphones. To ordinary consumers the operating system releases of the mobile phones meant little; what really got their attention was the announcement of the Windows Mobile 7 series. Motorola too announced its latest phone, Devour, which will have Motorola’s great social networking plus email application, MotoBlur.

While all those announcements had truly caught our attention (and held it for a while), the excitement now has precipitated. Fortunately in the world of cellphones there is always a new device being released and this time the release is by LG.

LG launched its new phone, Cookie, in Seoul, Korea.

These cellphones are the latest versions of LG’s successful handset, Cookie, and promise better specifications and friendlier user interfaces.

Both phones are designed to incorporate competent applications for social networking. Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace integration will be present. Support for other popular websites, such as Flickr, will also be present. LG’s unique peer management application, LiveSquare, will also be included in these new phones.

These phone sets will come in 10 different colors providing consumer a wide color variety to choose from.

Main specifications for these phones are:

  • A 2MP camera in FRESH, a 3MP camera in PLUS
  • A 3.5mm audio jack
  • FM radio
  • Bluetooth
  • Push email
  • A microSD card slot

Later this year, LG plans on releasing a 5MP camera version for these phones which will also have WiFi and 3G. Sadly Cookie FRESH and PLUS come with only EDGE connectivity.

I only hope that LG continues to keep producing phones according to the popular demand so we can all enjoy their handsets.



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