Sony Unveils Motion Controller: “Playstation Move”- Everything you need to know


Yesterday at GDC, Sony took time to unveil their own Wii-like motion-sensing peripheral named the Playstation Move (image below). The motion controller will actually work in conjunction with the Playstation Eye Camera that is already on the market. There is also a nunchuck-like device called the “Subcontroller” that has a traditional style Playstation analog stick and directional pad that will be used for certain games. Check out the latest images of the device and a link to watch the entire Sony Playstation Move press conference below.

Along with the announcement of the Playstation Move, Sony also showed off some of the games developed specifically for the controller’s motion-sensing technology and Kotaku reports 20 titles to be available by the end of the 2010 fiscal year and 36 developers in total developing titles for the Move.

The announcement also noted three packages being available to accommodate all players. These will include the ability to just purchase the controller (for those that already own the Playstation Eye camera), a bundle that will package the Move and the Eye (for those that just own the PS3), and finally a bundle that packages the PS3 console, Move, and Eye. However, the only pricing information available is for the Move + Playstation Eye package which will cost $99.

You can check out the entire Sony Press Conference from GDC here via GameTrailers.

Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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