Hints on Dragon Age 2 from EA


A follow up for the popular BioWare RPG Dragon Age: Origins isn’t expected anytime soon, especially with an expansion to Origins titled Awakening set to release March 16, however it seems were already getting hints at the full-blown sequel. Gamespy reports the “Dragon Age Title” as being listed in EA’s quarterly financial statement for releases due in January-March 2011. Another clue comes from 1UP who discovered that a preview copy of the upcoming expansion, “Awakening”, included at blood dragon logo with the date “02.01.2011” as shown in the image to the right.Joystiq reported:

Dragon Age: Origins presents strong evidence that great games can overcome gawd-awful graphics, but BioWare isn’t about to test that theory — and the limits of our forgiveness — again in the sequel. “I think one of the key things we’re working on in Dragon Age 2 is the technology,” BioWare VP Greg Zeschuk recently told Joystiq. “I can confirm that we’re doing a lot of work on the Dragon Age engine, and doing a lot of stuff to pump it — to make it visually super hot.”

Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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