What Now for Palm? AT&T to Get Pre and Pixi


After posting $22 million Q3 loss, looks as if the end is near for Palm.  But before that happens, Palm is trying to do everything it can to boost sales.  Something that might help is Palm has officially confirmed that the Pre Plus as well as the Pixi Plus will be joining AT&T in the “coming months.”  AT&T hasn’t seen any new Palm devices since the Palm Centro, but how much stock will AT&T put into Palm’s new WebOS??  I don’t think that much, AT&T is preparing for this summer’s release of the next iPhone.  Also they announced it would delay launching the Palm Pre and Pixi from April to June or July.  I am unsure of why they did that, why would they want to go head to head with the iPhone?  I am sure that will be answered in time.  These models will be pretty much identical to the ones that Verizon recently released, so there shouldn’t be any surprises in hardware department.  There was a lot of buzz surrounding the Palm Pre before its release, but horrible marketing and a weird TV ads stunted sales for the Palm Pre, which was initially release on the Sprint Network.  The new WebOS itself has gotten good reviews and is a solid operating system,  but Palm’s new hardware was sub-par at best.  Anyways, there is no solid release date yet from AT&T or Palm, but it should be early summer.

Nicholas Tarnowsky

Nicholas Tarnowsky

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