Tiny Core Linux 2.10 Released


Tiny Core Linux version 2.10 is now available for download. In addition to bug fixes, the new version includes several changes and updates.

For the users who are unaware of this tiny yet powerful distribution, Tiny Core is a minimal Linux distro like DSL (damn small Linux), which is based on Linux kernel and is only 10.6 MB in size.

The latest release of Tiny Core Linux features Appbrowser changes, update in cPanel for cursor and graphic changes, a new default background, a new Tiny Core logo and so on.

Tiny Core Linux includes a minimal graphics system based on JWM and Tiny X. The distro can also run entirely in RAM, which allows for very quick booting.

More details about the latest version of Tiny Core can be found in the changelog. You can download Tiny Core 2.10 from here.

Anurag Upadhaya

Anurag Upadhaya

Anurag Upadhaya is a FOSS enthusiast, Counter Strike gamer, Tech blogger and 24x7 netizen from Bangalore. Follow him on Twitter: @e_anurag | Drop him a line: anurag@blogsdna.com View author profile

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