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Dismal pre-orders damper the release of Fusion Garage’s new iPad competition, the JooJoo.  An internal PayPal document that surfaced due to the ongoing lawsuit between TechCrunch and afore mentioned Fusion Garage, states that only 90 pre-orders were made before the JooJoo tablet started shipping this week.  At $499 a pop, that amounts to under $45,000 in revenue.  The release was hampered by small delays but claim that they had time to “revamp its interface” and time to “fully integrate flash.”   The numbers could be a little misleading, they don’t show orders for the last few weeks before the March 25th ship date.  They wanted to make sure that all people that pre-ordered the JooJoo would receive it before the iPad launch on Saturday.  Apparently yesterday was the initial arrival date.  The JooJoo has a 12 inch multi-touch screen that supports 1080p HD playback, fully integrated Flash, and the new Nvidia ION chipset.joojoo_tablet

Also today Asus CEO Jonney Shih said that Asus has plans for 2 tablets this year. One of which will run either the new upcoming Google Chrome OS or a version of Android.  The 2nd will defiantly run a version of Microsoft Windows.  They believe that their upcoming products will appeal to those that don’t want the iPad and want a kind of open source Os that isnt exclusive to any hardware.  He also goes on to say that the Google equipped tablet will have “a lot of media” to stack up against the iPad and other competition.  Asus has rumored to be making the Eee Pad as its first entry into the tablet world.  (via electronista)

Nicholas Tarnowsky

Nicholas Tarnowsky

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