International iPad Release Date April 24th?


iPad in Canada is reporting the rumor that maybe April 24th will be the release date for the iPad in Canada.  Apple Store employees in Canada have April 24th marked as a “black day,” which means no employee is allowed to take that day off.  And that usually means training for some big product launch or at least something big.  Apple has already announced that international iPad availability will come in ‘late April, and obviously April 24th is “late April”.

If you do the math Apple started taking pre-orders for the iPad in the U.S. on March 12th, which is 3 weeks (and 1 day).  If you subtract April 3rd (U.S iPad launch date) from April 24th you get 3 weeks!  You can use this formula assuming Apple follows the same timetable they used for the U.S. release.  If this is true, lets hope Apple decides to add a few other countries to the launch.  Canada is technically international to the U.S.  I know a lot of our readers live outside the U.S. and a lot you guys are eagerly awaiting the release of the iPad, and on that note, let’s keep our fingers crossed.  (via iPad in Canada)  ipad international

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Nicholas Tarnowsky

Nicholas Tarnowsky

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2 Responses to International iPad Release Date April 24th?

  • Florian (UK) says:

    I went into the Apple Store here in Scotland today and asked a member of staff about this release date. He informed me, with a large grin and in a very friendly manner, that although he was not permitted to disclose the date at this time, he can guarantee that the 24th is definitely not the correct date for the iPad release. He then, however, went on to say that the 24th is remarkably close to the actual release date. The iPad will definitely be released in the UK before the end of the month and if Apple store staff have been told not take Saturday the 24th off work it only makes sense to say that this must at least be the first WEEKEND following the iPads release. Therefore, I figure it will probably be released the Thursday or Friday prior (the 22/23rd).

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