First 3D iPad Game coming to App Store


Flight Control HD- First 3D iPad Game

With the announcement of Nintendo’s 3DS as well as Hollywood filmmakers and TV manufacturers hopping on the 3D bandwagon, it’s not all that surprising that developers of Flight Control HD for the iPad are also including a 3D version of game. Developer Firemint put out a press release saying that the 3D version of the game will use the, admittedly outdated, red/cyan type glasses (not included) in order to create Anaglyph video that produced the 3D effect.Flight Control HD, which includes the 3D version of the game, will be available for the iPad in the App Store for its launch tomorrow morning and will run you $5. Of course you will have to drop another $5 to $10 on a pair of old 3D glasses to take advantage of the 3D version.

[via Kotaku]

Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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