Inside iPad OS Reveals Possibility of New Devices


We all knew today would be about the iPad, but it looks like it has yielded some interesting news already.  Underneath the hood of the new iPad and into the file system, it seems someone has stumbled apon what seems to be some signs of  the next generation Apple devices.  This nothing official and nothing confirmed by Apple yet, and I don’t expect anything to be confirmed either not until this summer that is.  But similar information found in the past, has turned out to be legit.  So hopefully this will also turn out to be true in the not so distant futureleaked Apple Devices

The screenshot turned into Boy Genius Report by one of their contacts shows several new devices.  The devices that stick out are the following:

  • iPhone3,2
  • iPhone3,3
  • iPod4,1
  • iProd2,1
  • The first 2 in the list above are iPhones (3,2 and 3,3).  There is a good chance that will translate into a GSM and CDMA (Verizon?) iPhone 4G.  Next it looks like a 4th generation iPod Touch (ipod4,1) and lastly the we a new iPad (iProd2,1) What could a new iPad bring? A camera or GPS, it’s way to early to guess.  The list also shows all the current devices available on the market today including the iPad (iPad1,1) and the latest iPod Touch (iPod3,1).  We will keep tabs on this story for you.

    [via BoyGeniusReport]

    Nicholas Tarnowsky

    Nicholas Tarnowsky

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