Spirit Userland Jailbreak Ported to iPad (Video)


Spirit Userland Jailbreak Ported to iPad(root access on iPad)

Few days back we had reported about userland jailbreak by comex for iPhone OS 3.1.3 which uses bug which exist in iPhone OS 3.1.3 MobileSafari on all iPhones/iPods. Similar bug also exist in iPad OS 3.2 meaning that working userland jailbreak can be used to jailbreak iPad Apple tablet.

Well once again comex has done it by successfully porting “Spirit” userland jailbreak to Apple iPad. The beatify of userland jailbreak is its simplicity and doesn’t require any app to be downloaded on iPhone or iPod Touch to jailbreak. Now with this successful porting of “Spirit” to iPad users can hope easier jailbreak for wifi based Apple iPad.

Check out Spirit Jailbreak for iPad in Action

If you are puzzled what you will achieve by jailbreaking iPad, then read this. By jailbreaking iPad you will be able to run third party iPad apps which are rejected by Apple for some reason or those restricted apps and also do the things like tethering your iPad to share internet connections and much more.

However there are many questions which needs to be answered, like will it be possible to use existing Cydia repository for iPhone or will it need some modification and will it be possible to run iPhone apps on iPad or not ?

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