Intriguing Invitations Sent by Microsoft Today UPDATE: Event Revealed


Microsoft has just sent out press invitation to a upcoming event on March 12th.  There are no specifics noted in the invite, but this could be the announcement of the secret Microsoft “Pink” phone, thats was snapped up by Gizmodo in early March.  We can also speculate that this could be the new concept tablet called the Microsoft “Courier” that we have been hearing about the last few weeks.  We are in the smack dab in the middle of the tablet evolution, so it makes sense that it could be the a tablet based device. It seems every major manufacturer and company has announced some sort of internet tablet or MID in the last few months.  But most insiders and bloggers think it will the “Pink” phone.  To refresh you on the Microsoft’s secret codenamed phone Pink, it’s the codename for the successor to the Sidekick and everything that the Sidekick offered in terms of services.  The “Pink” phone is going to be targeted to teens and young adults are heavily into the social network universe.  It kinda has a bit of flavor from the upcoming Windows Phone 7, but has has its own unique interface.  It is rumored to be on the Verizon network, not T-mobile. leaked pink phone

Microsoft has some big projects that could be ready to explode at anytime, if it isn’t the “Pink” phone, or the Courier tablet, there’s a the possibility of a Windows Live Wave 4 announcement, or a big Windows Phone 7 event.  Only Microsoft know for sure.  Personally I think it will be the Microsoft “Pink” they announce, it makes sense if you followed the rumored timeline.  The event is bing held in San Francisco on April 12th, which either way is only a week away.  We will have all the news and announcements from the April 12th event as they become available, so stay tuned to BlogsDNA.

[via Gizmodo]

UPDATE: C/NET’s Ina Fried confirmed everyone’s suspicion that the event is for the Codename Pink phones, known as the “Pure” and “Turtle”.  They are the phones that are supposed to replace the Sidekick and are manufactured by Danger, a company Microsoft acquired.  They will not be running Windows Phone 7, but instead they will run a custom, social networking friendly OS.  They are expected to be released later this year.  We will have more on this soon as the details are revealed at the event.

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