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I figure I can give all my readers a quick rundown of 2 fairly interesting Android news.  I have held off on reporting about Verizon’s HTC Incredible, there has just been some small tidbits, and until now nothing really concrete.  A few days ago the Verizon’s new Android powered smartphone appeared on a Cellebrite computer.  If you don’t know what Cellebrite is, it’s a machine used by many cellular retailers to transfer data from one phone to another.  Now more recently on one of Verizon’s twitter accounts @VZWOffers, two different tweets appeared, both hinting towards a imminent release of the Incredible.

“@studentbuddha  It’s a Friday Brandon, don’t be angry :-) As for the HTC Incredible & other new phones…good things come to those who wait!”

“@shawnaisaacs Hi Shawn, Yes the HTC Incredible does seem to be in demand! What do you think of #Droid, by the way?”

leaked verizon advert

The final part comes today in the form of a leaked Verizon ad and a separate rumor of a April 29th release date for HTC incredible.  These rumors are just hard to corroborate, and predicted launch dates change almost daily, but according to Android and Me the April 29th launch date might stick this time.

[via Android and Me & Phandroid]

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Nicholas Tarnowsky

Nicholas Tarnowsky

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3 Responses to Verizon's HTC Incredible Launch News

  • Willie says:

    The incredible is super nice device.

  • Nicholas Tarnowsky says:

    i agree 100% i want either that or the HTC legend, just a tad more affordable i think, check out Expansys

  • coolfx35 says:

    Looking forward to the HTC Droid Incredible to replace my motorola droid, had a good run with the moto droid but the battery life just unbearable, it’s very short and gets really hot at times, the phone crashes often. It’s probably one of the heaviest phones out there to date. One good thing about it is the QWERTY Keyboard which i don’t use often.
    Anyways, I want to get the Incredible as soon as Verizon releases, which I heard from that it’s coming out April 29th, can’t wait.