Android Phone News; Samsung's Galaxy S and The EVO 4G


Some news surrounding two of the newest and most hyped up Android smartphones, announced a few weeks ago at CTIA, First off, and probably the biggest of the two, Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G, is rumored to be hitting the shelves on June 13th. The HTC EVO 4G is a monster of a phone, and is the first 4G phone to be released by Sprint, but originally around the time of its announcement at CTIA, a Android certification engineer for Sprint, leaked some info that it would be launching to the public on or before June 6th.

Apparently that wasn’t the case, sources have told Engadget that, HTC’s Evo 4G handset is set to hit shelves on Sunday, June 13. The source also said that 4G will be available as a separate plan, which you can put on top of the base plan. The 4G plan may cost between $10 and $20, a price that would include access to the EVO’s built in router like feature, that has a 8-device WiFi hotspot capability and won’t come standard with existing EV-DO plans. Sounds good, cause this “superphone” has really caught my attention, and is probably HTC’s most powerful Android smartphone to date.
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Samsung Galaxy S

Next is equally impressive Samsung Galaxy S, which was also announced at CTIA. People are calling the Galaxy S an iPhone look alike, i guarantee it doesn’t perform like any current iPhone (who know what the iPhone 4G is gonna be like). The news surrounding the new Samsung “superphone”, is that it will be making an appearance on the AT&T network. Samsung so far has been ridiculed on its Android phone production, mainly due to its Touchwiz interface. It hopes the 4-inch OLED screen, 1GHz processor phone will change that perception. The news came from a bluetooth certification sheet that recently approved a new Samsung phone with specifications identical to the Galaxy S.  If this is the case, expect the Smasung Galaxy S to be launching really soon, like this summer. [via Engadget & IntoMobile]

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2 Responses to Android Phone News; Samsung's Galaxy S and The EVO 4G

  • Informed says:

    Correction, The ‘HOTSPOT’ will be an additional charged, 4G on the EVO will be included with Sprint’s current plans.

  • moises says:

    i hope that sprint CEO stick to his word that the wimax will not cost extra, because if it does it will be a deal breaker for me, now i can see charging for the WiFi hotspot that will be fair to me.