iPhone OS 4.0 Seven Tentpole Features


iPhone OS 4.0

Finally Apple has official announced about iPhone OS 4.0 at today’s special event held at Apple headquarter. You will be surprised to know most of the rumored iPhone 4.0 features are real and biggest of all iPhone OS 4.0 will have multitasking. There are so many new features and APIs added to iPhone OS 4.0 that it’s not feasible to list here.

As part of announcement Apple has listed 7 tentpole features aka important features of iPhone 4.0.

iPhone OS 4.0 Seven Tentpole Features

1. Multitasking

Background audio, VoIP, Push notifications, Local notification, Task completion,  Fast app switching.

2. Folder App

Drag Drop UI, Intelligent naming, now you can have 2160 apps on iPhone

3. Enhanced Email

Unified inbox, Multiple exchange, Threaded messages & Fast switching!

4. iBooks Support

EBook Reader, iBookstore, Buy once read anywhere, Sync page & bookmarks,

5.  Enterprise

Data protection, Mobile Device Management, Wireless app distribution, Multiple exchange accounts, Exchange server 201, SSL VPN support.

6. Game Center

Social gaming networking, Invite friends, Matchmaking, Leaderboards, Achievements

7. iAd – Mobile Advertising

Interactive ads, Ads within app, ads built into iPhone OS, Apple sell and host ads, 60% revenue to developers

Stay tuned with us to know more about iPhone OS 4.0 event announcements

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