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A new updated version of Camangi WebStation Android tablet has just started shipping on April 5th.  The Camangi WebStation is one of the very first Android tablets that has been available to the public for sometime now.  The first version was released back in early December 2009, and received some harsh reviews.  It fell victim to the fact that it was one of the very first tablets on any kind to be released for public consumption.  Together with the Archos 5 Android tablet, they lacked some features that regular Android phones had.  Particularly is the lack of the Android Market.  This is a common problem for Android devices like tablets that have large screens.  There are just no apps that support large screen sizes.  So in the case of Camangi and other manufactuers of Android tablets, they build their own apps and app stores.  The Camangi Android Market only contains 77 apps.  Just production of new apps isn’t always fast, so you make do with what’s there.

The first version of the Camangi WebStation was plagued with performance issues.  Everyone that had one said it was just too slow.  But with the new version, Camangi claimed that they’ve solved several technical issues and improved the performance of the WebStation.  But looking at the specs, they didn’d change any of the hardware, and that could possibly be the issue.  The WebStation has specs similar to the HTC Dream/Google G1.  With only 256 ROM and 128 RAM and a 624mhz Marvell processor, it doesn’t seem like enough has enough power for a device of its size.  Camangi has decided to run and Android 1.5 but states they have plans to upgrade to 2.x in the near future.  The device has all the basic multimedia features that tablets come with.  A problem with the first version was the lag in video, you could definitely see.  This is one the issues that Camangi supposedly has corrected with the new version.  A cool feature that is included with the WebStation is a built-in stand.  I know it’s just a stand, but I think it’s something that gets overlooked on all these tablets.  It has a decent screen size, it comes with a 7 inch resistive TFT LCD touchscreen with a display of 800×480.camangi webstation android

With tablets of all shape and sizes in the news almost daily, reviewers have yet to post any real reviews of the new version.  Also you could say that Camangi had its chance already with reviewers, but some say they blew it with a poor product.  I just don’t think anyone is rushing out to grab one right.  You got the iPad, JooJoo, recently leak HP Slate specs, you can take your pick.  One thing that they did was lower the price from I believe $400 to an affordable $270 (roughly).  I hope Camangi can shake any bad press from their first version.  I look forward to reading some good reviews hopefully in the near future.  [via Camangi]

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