Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 And Net Framework 4 Available


The industry demands innovative and robust software solutions from applications developers. In order to fulfill the industry’s demands, software developers require efficient and competent application to rely on. Microsoft Visual Studio has aided software developers for a very long time. The version being used up until now was Visual Studio 2007. But only recently Microsoft has announced the release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

Studio 2010 offers a range of improvements over Studio 2007. For example there is a new method of recognizing bugs and revealing their cause so as to help the developer completely get rid of the fault in the code. Another great feature is the support for dual monitors; developers will be able to see the application’s interface on one monitor while observing the code in another adjacent monitor.

Support for Windows 7 applications and Windows Phone 7 series will also be there. In other words, developers will be able to take advantage of the visual brilliance of Windows 7 while developing applications of that operating system and Windows Phone 7 running phones.

With the release of Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft is also releasing new versions of NET Framework and Silverlight. Regarding the .NET Framework 4, Microsoft stated, “.NET Framework 4 adds additional support for industry standards, more language choice, new support for high-performance middle-tier applications including parallel programming, and side-by-side installation with .NET Framework 3.5. With the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile, the size of the runtime has been decreased by over 80 percent, making it easier for developers to get applications, and therefore users, up and running faster.”

The new Silverlight will provide developers with 60 more features and extended out-of-the-browser functionality.

By releasing newer versions of these products, Microsoft has greatly helped developers reach newer grounds. We can expect only better applications to be developed now.




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