How to Get Cricket Updates in Chrome


Today I have got a wonderful tool for cricket fans. First, let me explain how I came across this nifty piece of technology. I just discovered the iPhone application which kept golf fans in touch with the Masters Tournaments and its events. Since I use Google Chrome as my default web browser, I wondered if there was a Chrome-related tool that would keep me posted on the events related to my favorite – cricket. Thankfully what I found was more than I had expected.

I am talking about ESPN Cricinfo.

ESPN Cricinfo is browser extension for Google Chrome that provides Chrome users with great event details and news on cricket.

The installation places a new icon in our address bar.

This icon has a number attached which represents the number of new updates the extension has to report. These updates are shown in a dropdown window.

If a user wants to get a bigger dose of cricket by obtaining more news, the “more news” and “more features” links can be clicked.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that unlike most Chrome extension, this extension worked flawlessly on Google’s own Chrome Extensions pages.

Many fans might be thinking about the validity of the information provided by this extension. Their doubts will be put to rest by knowing the extension gathers its information from ESPN’s own cricket information website, Cricinfo, just like the name of the extension suggests.

Give ESPN’s Circinfo extension for Chrome a try and use the comments to let me know what you think.



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