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Nicholas Tarnowsky

Nicholas Tarnowsky

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3 Responses to T-Mobile's New myTouch 3G Slide Specs Leaked

  • justmehere says:

    Its sad to see T Mobile still fiddling around with second or third tier phones.

    Keep the touch.. give me an Incredible or a Desire. The rest just doesn’t cut it. A G1 is just as effective as a “brand new mytouch”.

  • Nicholas Tarnowsky says:

    i agree, but for some reason T-Mobile claims the myTouch series is their flagship Android phone. T-Mobile just gives off that “social friendly” phone service, unlike Verizon or AT&T who do focus on performance phones and not so much social networking friendly features and phones. Look at T-Mo’s failed MY FAVES campaign, FAIL! Tmobile is a joke really, its hard to take them serious

  • TmoPDArep says:

    I have to agree with you guys, I work for Tmobile in PDA tech support so I handle calls on these phones all day. It’s a shame we were the first to launch android and then proceeded to launch a bunch of lame devices all of which were behind the top 3 carriers. This will be the first android 2.1 device we have and yet we couldn’t put a snapdragon processor in it? I mean, come on! for a company that strives itself on being the best in customer service, we could really afford to focus our efforts on getting these top notch devices like the evo or incredible…we will always be 4th best without a top tier phone lineup