How To Add Various Routines To Your Profile


Great will power and determination are qualities required to carry on our good plans. Unfortunately however these properties are what most of us lack. How many times have we started going to the gym only to leave after about a month (or even less)? How many times have we abandoned the diet plan we had vowed to religiously follow?

The extra motivation that is required for people like us is not internally generated. We need something external to remind us of our goals and help us keep the ball in sight. Rootein is just that ‘something’ we need.

Rootein is a free site that lets you add various routines to your profile. From the site’s blog: “Rootein™ is a web app that lets you build habits and track progress as you go along. It keeps you motivated like you’ve never experienced before.”

Before you start using the site, you need to sign up for a free account. To log in you can also use either one of your Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo or OpenID accounts.

From beginning jogging to maintaining your car, you can add any type of routine you wish to stick to. The fields to fill in the ‘Add new routine’ page include the title of the routine (maximum of 25 characters) and the time you want to be reminded of the routine. You can also tell Rootein to notify you (via email) when you are not sticking to your plans for three days.

On your Dashboard you find a calendar; click on the dates on which you have kept your routines to let Routein know if you are wavering from your plans.

Following the “Rule of 21” which states that a routine solidifies once you have kept it up for 21 days, Routein considers an added routine completed after the said days.

The site is a great application which cellphone users can also benefit from (using the mobile application); if you are having problems sticking to a good plan, then Routein is what you need.



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