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Nicholas Tarnowsky

Nicholas Tarnowsky

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7 Responses to Some Bad News: No Android 2.1 Update for Hero till June

  • A Greenhill says:

    Yay, more speculation and rumors!

    Today Sprint told me it was impossible to buy their 3G/4G Overdrive hotspot and use it with my HTC Hero… unless of course I wanted to buy another unlimited data plan for the phone as well.

    I’m fed up with this Sprint sh*t and looking for alternatives…

  • petemga says:

    WTHeck is taking so darn long on the 2.1 update? you would think they would make it priority since the hero is one of the top selling androids.

  • nick says:

    Uh, Europe already has 2.1 for the hero. its on the HTC website.

  • RaphierSteele says:

    Look there is a leak actually update-1 and it works fine i was skeptical but i tried it… it works and i love it. now it does not offer the fun packed action as the droid 2.1 but it still has it’s kicks and is slightly faster and i love the helicopter mode kicks it into geear and it is lovely… but just take a chance and stop hosting a pitty party. sprint will release a perm update asap but why not enjoy what you can have right now android 2.1 update-1

  • Lensley says:

    Hey Nick,
    I would imagine that you have mistakenly referred to the HTC Sync update 2.0.33, not the 2.1 ROM update ;)

  • Nicholas Tarnowsky says:

    no its the Android 2.1 update for Hero, it has been delayed till June. Like the other guy said and i havbe reported also, there is a leak of an official build of 2.1 for Hero. I am double checking my sources as we speak and it’s clear as day, Hero 2.1 June. I also just hit up Google news to see if I missed something, and it all there.

  • Dino says:

    This is why iPhone selling strong. Delay n delay n delay and whats da end? owner of htc turn to eat apple finally.