DELL Aero Specifications Leaked


The specifications about rumored mobile from DELL, DELL Aero started flowing on the Internet sometimes before. According to the latest leaked specs, the phone is nothing close to a ground-breaking device, but is not bad either.

Dell Aero

Dell Aero

According to Engadget, the leaked specifications of DELL Aero are:

  1. It includes a 624 Mhz Marvell processor.
  2. It sports a 3.5″ capacitive multi-touch display.
  3. The display also supports handwriting technology via stylus input.
  4. DELL Aero will ship with apps like QuickOffice and a photo editor.
  5. It will also support ActiveSync and Exchange.
  6. It is also supposed to have some sort of social network notification app, much like Motorola Blur interface.
  7. It will also have a Webkit browser that will support Flash Lite.
  8. The media player included with the phone will support DRM.

As the rumors go, the device will be based on Android 1.5 and will be launched in second quarter of 2010 on AT&T’s network. We also have some news that this device will get update for Android 2.1 in the third or fourth quarter of 2010.

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