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Adobe Flash is the industry standard when it comes to web browser games and especially online videos. Computer users have no problem with this because for most internet browsers, a free Flash player plugin is provided by Adobe. Unfortunately it is not the same case for iDevice owners.

Flash support in iPods, iPhones, and iPads is not built in. Flash is owned by Adobe and putting it in iDevices will cost Apple a hefty a sum of money. In order to view Flash videos, users generally have to purchase a third party application for their iDevice. But this will no longer be the case.

Steve Jobs had long been pushing the HTML5 format for online videos which would no longer require browsers to have Flash to stream videos. YouTube started providing videos in HTML5 format although most of its hosted videos were still in Flash. The biggest step towards the HTML5 transition seems to be of Facebook which now provides all videos in HTML5.

This means that iDevice owners will no longer need any third party application to Facebook videos. To take advantage of this feature, no new updates are required for the iDevice firmware or for Facebook’s application for iPhone. All users need to do is browse Facebook using their Safari web browser.

Facebook shifting to HTML5 is surely a sign of the web welcoming HTML5, a cleaner, freer alternative to Flash.

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