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Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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7 Responses to Update: Adobe CEO Responds to Jobs, Says Mac OS X Crashes are Apple’s Fault (video)

  • Eric says:

    I wanted to listen to Adobe’s response to Steve Job’s recent open letter regarding flash. I decided to watch the video here. Unfortunately, I can’t watch it on my computer, since it is painfully slow in starting up and stalls constantly. It’s in Flash.

  • Dell says:

    Who needs apple anyway overpriced tat give me a PC any day sick of repairing apples, only thing good they have is cosmetics they look nice, “pig with lipstick on” flash was/is buggy even on windows but at least they do make an effort to have a flash version for any OS on the market that is not easy, apple only for develop 1 platform which is loosely based on BSD but in a new skin and they cant even get that right.
    funny thing is flash works perfectly in BSD. go figure

  • Helen says:

    The video runs smothly on my very lightweight Ee PC 701 with a mobil3Gslow-modem, XP and Firefox 3, no buffering or choppiness anywhere. If you have problems its not because of the video but maybe your hardware or browser?

  • Ash says:

    I run both PC’s and Macs in my studio. Since Mac went ‘Intel’, I’ve seen them run like wounded bulls. Apple really have a large set of balls to pin-point other companies bugs and technological flaws when clearly they are far from perfect. Let’s face it, Apple has not yet released a mobile device with a decent battery.

    I like the “let’s let the consumers choose” attitude that Adobe adopts. It really has made their products better. Apple can try and rule the smart phone/table market with an iron fist (or perhaps a velvet glove), however I’m sure hoping that the consumers out there will see through it…

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  • John Chorley says:

    I think the CEO of Adobe is right, it seems to me that Apple created (on purpose) a scenario in which he could say “no” to flash.

    Flash runs fine on every Windows system I’ve used, No issues with Linux, so tell me why does it crash on Mac OSX?

    Bad programming?

    Or did Apple intend for this to happen from the beggining?

    Mobile devices .. fair enough Jobs has a claim there.

  • josh says:

    wanted to watch the video but painfully slow in loading been a couple of minutes and still doesn’t work must be flash :P