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Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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  • romotoma

    will call of duty black ops support the nex directx 11 for the pc? im tired of all of these new games being a direct port from consoles, the pc has a lot more potential but game developers arent even trying to push the pc to the limits

  • no need for directx 11

    I do not need to pay a huge amount of money to buy high end directx 11 card, while my 4890 is still my best choice to game at extreme settings

  • yes need!

    @ no need,people like you who have a 4890 and below is making the game developers stick with dx 9.0cc.Let me guess you’ve got xp too?

  • hirotter

    romotoma you are an epic failure, your rig is a POS compared to a first edition x-box.

  • Lucid Enigma

    I think the lack of support for high end pc hardware will damage the games industry as a whole. The entire thing is geared around consoles nowadays but these consoles themselves are developed around tried and tested pc technology. Where will that come from in the future? I bought a 5970 when they came out and I still have very few games that use it and I’m still waiting for the prospect of more. It is becoming the biggest waste of technology I’ve experienced in 25+ years of gaming!

  • no

    4890’s support dx10. it’s not his fault the cod teams don’t give a shit about anything except making a profit.