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Some quick phone news before the weekend starts regarding Sprint and AT&T.  First off the highly anticipated superphone, the Sprint EVO 4G has been in the spotlight this week.  It started off when the EVO 4G got some mega star attention from the Big O herself, Oprah Winfrey.  Being seen on her TV show, it must mean the launch date is right around the corner, right?  Well if we want to believe everything we read, then according to a Radio Shack employee, Sprint has plans to release the world’s first 4G powered phone, on or around June 6th.

This all comes from a member of Android Central’s sister site, PreCentral, who was recently at his local Radio Shack shopping for Palm Pre accessories.  He then happened to stumble across a big Sprint flyer about the EVO 4G.  The flyer described the employee training plan for the EVO 4G and some other tidbits of information.  When the guy confronted the Radio Shack employee about the flyer, the employee apparently had no problem corroborating what was stated on the flyer.  He then went on to say that the EVO will be available around June 6th, with $200 2-year agreement price tag, or $600 unsubsidized.  sprint evo 4g release rumoratt palm pre release rumor

Speaking of the Palm Pre, it looks like the Palm Pre will be coming to AT&T very soon.  Engadget just got ahold of a AT&T flyer, that shows a May 16th release date, which could coincide with the release of the AT&T’s 3G MicroCell.  The flyer doesn’t mention anything about the Palm Pixi Plus or if will offer free 3G mobile hotspot capabilities, like the Verizon version has.  When asked about the May16th nationwide launch, AT&T could not confirm or deny the date, but they went on to say the the 3G MicroCell is still scheduled to be released then, just in select markets and not a nationwide.

Remember these are only rumors, once we have anything confirmed, we update everyone as soon as we can.

[via Engadget and Android Central]

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