Samsung Releases Bada SDK For Wave Developers


Today cellphones are minicomputers storing all our information. We can also use them to capture our daily memories through photos and videos which are easy to shoot. One cellphone company that is on top of its game is Samsung.

Their next line of smartphones, Wave, will be a treat to any cellphone enthusiast. Featuring an unparalleled user interface alone with impressive hardware, these phones will provide some tough competition to other companies. Wave will run on Samsung’s Bada platform.

Although no phone in the Wave series, or any other set based on Bada, has hit the market yet, Samsung is already moving ahead with facilitating application developers and providing them with kits to produce applications for the upcoming handsets by Samsung. They have recently release the SDK for Bada. This is the first public SDK for the said platform.

The developer tools within the SDK are entirely C/C++ based. Total download size of the SDK is nearly 600MB and developers will need to agree to a few agreements (5, to be exact) in order to install the download. But even with its large number of agreements, the SDK will still be a big help for developers intending to be ahead of the Wave game when the sets are launched.
Engadget via Bada Developers

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