What Will Apple Reveal at the WWDC?


Google’s I/O Conference included several important announcements by the company that were visibly marking Google as a strong competitor for Apple. Google is running or plans to run their own version of whichever Apple service you can think of: Google TV instead of Apple TV, Wireless Android Music Syncing instead of iTunes, Google Ads / AdMob instead of iAds, WebM / VP8 instead of h.264, and finally the Android OS for cellphones instead of iPhone OS.

Regarding all this, a reader over at Macrumors sent Steve Jobs an email.

The email screenshot above indicates that the reader, Bryan Webster asked Steve Jobs about Apple’s plans on the WWDC (Word Wide Developer’s Conference). Steve Jobs simply replies “You will not be disappointed” as a clear indication that Apple has some great news for us in store.

WWDC will be a 4 day event spanning June 7th – 11th. People assume Apple will be revealing the next generation iPhone (iPhone 4) or announcing the new service deals Apple will be signing with carriers other than AT&T.

Naturally Apple has recognized Google’s strong opposition and the potential of Google’s services. While Apple works on a more ‘tight’ policy, Google’s open source motto makes users very happy. But will majority users prefer the ad-based Google or the tight-interfaced Apple? Only time can determine the result of this Apple-Google showdown.

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