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Anurag Upadhaya

Anurag Upadhaya

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3 Responses to Google Chrome OS Tablet Coming On Verizon, Manufactured By HTC

  • Janet says:

    Chrome OS tablet? then it will named as Gablet? or ciblet?
    I like Google’s Chrome browser, but I really hope Google and Adriod would do some innovation and can bring surprise for users, not follow behind like iPad, iPad now is really a big win, it have many market share, and the iOS have been around with the iPhone, ipad, it’s yet fantastic and remarkable, and so many app developers are living on iOS like iFunia, a MAC media converter developer, Apple always can provides for a large number of infestor.

  • clkwong says:

    does Google Chrome operating system work with Adobe Reader for pdf format file???
    And I used Chrome operating system old version with Adobe flash player ,but I could not run facebook website game normally.
    Do I need a upgraded version of adobe flash player for facebook game normally with google chrome operating system???

  • htc done a tremendous job. thanks.