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Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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One Response to Mac OS X Users to Get Support for Zune Software & WP7 Syncing

  • Oliver Dutta says:

    Holy shit… finally? Are you kidding me. I first bought my Zune in 2008 and I was very fond of how pretty it was. I also liked my Win2k. I had to upgrade to XP in order to even use the damn thing.

    Strike 1.

    Then I got a Macbook. OSX even running VMWare sucks with this! The Zune software would add tags that would screw with iTunes’ handling of the files. But most importantly, there is no native support. Great marketing strategy.

    Strike 2.

    Anyway, I ended up finally buying an iPod turning my 80G Zune into a brick… until now!

    Nice news I guess.