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I have a bad habit of changing and trying out tons of software.  I like to keep my main systems fresh, so I do a clean install of Windows once a month usually.  So each time I have install all my favorite software.  For the most part have some programs I can’t live without, but there are a few holes in my software library.

The one thing I can never decide on is a default email client.   I use Gmail in my browser most of the time, and I can get away with that.  But sometimes I would like to have a good email client that I can fall back for offline browsing or to send links from a page I’m viewing.   I’ve tried everything, and I’ve used all the major emails clients at one point or another.  That is until today.

I came across eMailaya 2011.1.1.  This email client is more like email utility.  The best part about eMailaya is that you don’t have to install it, it comes as a standalone email app.  Once you download the .EXE or .ZIP and open it up, you simply enter a email address and password.  Most people use Gmail, so by default eMailaya knows all the Gmail settings.

The dashboard is very straightforward, there is no clutter.  All of your options are clearly available to you, no looking around for anything.  Once you select the IMAP folders you want to download, so simply save your credentials and then you can download your messages.  emailaya dash

Emails are easily viewed, just double click to view a message, the basic mail functions and layout are just like any other email client you might have used.  What sets eMailaya apart is the features and functionality.  Some of the tools available include access to Twitter and Facebook accounts, an RSS reader, a calendar and an Ascii table.

There are a whole lot of other interesting features you wouldn’t expect to find in a desktop client.  There are a multiple ways that eMailaya lets you send and receive emails.  The best way to put is that eMailaya lets you use your email account in different and unique ways.

Good example of this is different way you can compose a new email.  eMailaya lets you record audio messages and insert and send them as an actual email.  If that wasn’t enough you can even create and send video emails.  All you need is microphone and camera.  eMailaya will automatically detect the camera once it’s plugged in.

Emailaya also offers

  • Pop3 and IMAP support
  • SSL support
  • Calendar
  • RSS and RSS2Email
  • Quick Chat with email contacts (if both use eMailaya)
  • ISP switching
  • Tabbed emailing
  • Statistics like information when the last email from a specific contact was send / received or about the sizes of specific mail folders.
  • Password Protection
  • Automatic archiving (create one zipped attachment containing all attachments)
  • Upload Files to the mail server
  • Dynamic folders on mail server

eMailaya might not be for everyone, you might want to stick with what you know and are use to, but if you want a new email experience for Microsoft Windows, I highly suggest you check out eMailaya 2011.1.

To access all features of eMailaya you will be prompted to register for a free unlock code, they will send it automatically to you email address you are using.  More information and full overview of features you can head over to emailaya.com.

[via eMailaya]

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