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Nicholas Tarnowsky

Nicholas Tarnowsky

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3 Responses to Dell Drops Price of Unlocked Streak to $399 [wow]

  • HC says:

    The reason the streak hasn’t struck its mark is due to poor outdated software android 1.6, and bad marketing as a tablet instead of a phone despite that over 3/4 of streak owners use the streak as their phone

  • Paris552 says:

    i have the streak and honestly its not even usable as a phone. the keypad is not as easy to use for text messaging as the iphone is as far as touch response. i always mispell everything and have reverted back to my blackberry for voice and text messaging. and no – i dont own an iphone and im not a mac fanboy. in addition when you are on a call or checking voicemail, the screen loses sensitivity to keypresses, and i find myself scramming to disconnect calls. i dont use the streak anymore except for the internet. the dell streak 5 is basically a mini tablet with a poor excuse for a phone. i hate it.

  • Xoom says:

    I thing this new iPhone would be an impressive piece of technology..