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Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn

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4 Responses to What the iPhone 3G Wont Get with iPhone OS 4

  • Isaac says:

    Camera zoom does work on my 3G btw. And the wallpapers are just a bug. Apples gonna fix it. Just thought I’d tell ya. :)

  • WeegieMac says:

    Sorry, but Gizmodo are woefully wide of the mark regarding iPhone 3G and wallpapers in OS 4.0.

    There are people running 4.0 over on MacRumors who have actually seen corrupt versions of the Set As Home/Lock/Both screen very briefly and by all accounts this is simply a first release beta error.

    This first beta was optimised for the 3GS, and it would pay for people to remember this. By all accounts going on what I’ve read, further versions of the beta that are rolled out should fix the wallpaper bug on the 3G.

    People have simply seen that the current beta doesn’t allow it on the 3G, put two and two together, and come up with five.

  • Jamie says:

    Well, Isaac, you were wrong. The 3G model doesn’t support wallpapers.

  • kris says:

    i think its fu$king bull$hit considering i only just got my 3g replaced at an apple store only 2 months ago and for the healthy ass fucking of 140 quid, and they wouldnt even give me a 3gs even tho i was paying for it and id had 2 replacements prior both of which where faults. apple are turning into opportunistic capitalistic wankers and ive about had enough. and ive owned apple products for the past 13 years. im not impressed as of late. not all of us are rich
    its safe to say, neither will i be forking out 500 quid for one or signing to any ridiculous contracts in the foreseeable future.